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How To Make Sun Dried Tomatoes - slice, drizzle with olive oil & dry in oven.

Oven-Dried Apple Chips {Two Ways!} I bought all the stuff for this today! Now I just need a couple days where I don't have to go anywhere... Hmmmm...

Dried Watermelon: Whether you call it jerky or leather or dried watermelon or dehydrated watermelon, this was a surprisingly enjoyable treat. Drying the watermelon concentrated the fruit's sweetness and it was like a chewy candy. – without any added sugar! Kate used a dehydrator to make these addictive treats: I sliced a quarter of the melon into 1/4"-strips or thinner if you can and then cut off the crescent-shaped rind portion from those slices and then made watermelon chips about the size of regular tortilla chips. My Nesco dehydrator has a setting for fruit, which is 135 degrees F. I plugged it in and let it go overnight (~8-12 hours) and voila! A perfectly textured Jolly Rancher fruit leather!

"Sun" dried tomatoes, with instructions to make them either in the sun or with a dehydrator.

Pumpkin Pie Leather. Just got a dehydrator too!

Healthy home-made granola bars..need a dehydrator though..hmm

Raw apple cinnamon almond bars for the dehydrator.

Sundried tomatoes in dehydrator

Dehydrator how to's and recipes

Dehydrator how to's and recipes