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Citrus Peel as Brown Sugar Softener - Avoid rock-hard brown sugar and preserve the moisture by dropping a three inch-long orange peel into the bag.

Use tension curtain rods as dividers for cupboard shelves

Kitchen Organizers

Coca Cola Cleaner: It turns out that Coca Cola can be used a to clean bathtub, sink, toilet, clogged pipes, greasy clothes, pots and pans, windshield, and battery cables.

How to Use Coke a Cola to Clean | eHow

How to Remove Rust from a Cast Iron Skillet: New hope for that rusty and very heavy Lodge skillet hidden at the back of the cabinet.

Getting Rust Off a Cast-Iron Skillet

Clean your Coffee Pots and Tea Kettles with Denture Cleaning Tablets: This is my kind of cleaning. (Maybe good for those wonderful stainless steel thermos bottles which are too skinny and tall to clean easily.)

Aluminum Foil as Dryer Sheet: Removes static and never has to be changed.

Comment of the Day: Aluminum Foil as Dryer Sheet!
  • Sandra Seagrave

    I just tried this with my first wash and it seemed to work. will see how it goes hopefully will save me money and is better for the environment.

How to Cover Up Dings In Wooden Furniture: Rub the dings with a walnut to darken and disguise the defects.

How To Cover Up Dings in Wooden Furniture Home Hacks

Clean Inside Irregular Bottles with Rice by Meseta: Use water, soap and a little rice.

Clean with a Cuke: Very strange, definitely worth a try.

The Secret Super Cleaning Powers of the Mighty Cucumber

Use Crayons for Dry Erase Boards instead of markers which dry out. I had no idea that this would work!

Switch to Crayons for Always-Ready Dry Erase Board Writing

Ask the Contractor by The NY Times: Instructions for simple household repairs like unsticking a door with sandpaper, a wooden block & soap. I love this, a few minutes of effort gives enormous satisfaction.

Ask the Contractor

Shine Stainless Steel with Flour: Really? Have to try it...

Easy & Natural Cleaning Tip: Shine Stainless Steel With Flour!