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i sympathize for every single person who took you for granted, left you for another, cheated on you, belittled you, broke your heart & made you feel less than human. Because one day they will realize that they lost the most important part of themselves when they let you go.

There's always someone in your life that asks and expects an awful lot from you. And because you are a super-sensitive person with a great capacity for empathy and kindness, you comply. But sometimes you take it too far. You give more than you should. You are loyal to people who don't deserve your loyalty. And you stand by those you care for even when they have deserted you emotionally. When this "person" asks again, do yourself a favor instead, and say NO.

A Mother's Prayer, LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Frame it.

And then all of the sudden she changed. She came back a completely different person with a new mindset, a new outlook, a new soul. The girl that once cared way too much about everyone and everything no longer cared at all. - She different now.

Your child will follow your example. Not your advice.