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The oldest known portrait head of a woman, carved in ivory some 26,000 years ago. It was discovered in the 20s in Dolní Věstonice, a valley in present-day Moravia that was teeming with mammoth and reindeer in the last ice age.

One of the largest secret Mithraic temples in Rome is hidden next to the famous Circus Maximus. Discovered in 1931 as part of Rome's fascist-era building projects, the small subterranean space was once dedicated to the mystery cult of the god Mithras.

The Mithraeum at Circus Maximus

The badass female pioneers of archaeology. From left to right, top to bottom: 1. Gertrude Bell 2. Mary Leakey 3. Amelia Edwards 4. Dorothy Garrod 5. Mary Anning 6. Ruth Benedict 7. Gertrude Caton-Thompson 8. Hilda Petrie 9. Hetty Goldman

Roman paintings in ancient Pompeii. The so-called Sappho girl. This famous miniature, discovered in June 1760, has remained one of the most famous female portraits from Pompeii. It has the air of gracious refinement that surrounds this girl, caught in a moment of meditation before putting pen to paper. Archaeological Museum, Naples, Italy

@Nick C jones I want to see Pompeii. During excavations, hundreds of bodies were found. The ash had hardened around the bodies, which had decomposed, leaving skeletal remains. Archaeologists developed a technique to fill the void in the ashes, so we can clearly see the remains of the people..

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Denise A. Agnew doin' archaeology Aug. 16, 1987 at Davis Rock Shelter, Peyton, Colorado.

Me doing archaeology back in the 80's in an old hotel in Pueblo, Colorado.

Just one of the test pits for Davis Rock Shelter in 1987.

I miss excavation, but I'm not sure how much my ole bod would appreciate it now. Davis Rock Shelter in Elbert, Colorado back in 1987.

We trekked about a mile from the road to reach the Davis Rock Shelter during our excavation season in 1987. Elbert, Colorado.

Davis Rock Shelter, Excavation in 1987. Elbert, CO.

Montezuma's Castle, Arizona.

Pictographs in a secret location in Sedona. I'd tell ya but then I'd have ta kill ya.

More Davis Rock Shelter excavation in '80's.

Davis Rock Shelter, Elbert, Colorado (80's dig)