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Keep your wooden kitchen utensils conditioned with this simple spoon butter.

How To Make Spoon Butter - One Good Thing by Jillee

Need to see if this pertains to "Revereware" . How To Season A Stainless Steel Pan To Create A Non Stick Surface | WholeLifestyleNut...

DUH!!!!! Why didn't I think of that?! Put aluminum foil in a bowl, pour the grease in. When it hardens, roll up the foil and throw it out!

HEAVY CREAM ~If you need heavy cream for a recipe, make your own by combining mix 2/3 cup whole milk with 1/3 cup melted unsalted butter. This will give you 1 cup of heavy cream....good to know!

Many detachable blade assemblies for blenders screw right onto a mayo jar or a small-mouth Mason jar. Don't fill it by more than half, though, and as with any regular blender, avoid very hot liquids.

How to Toast Nuts using 3 methods: Microwave, Stovetop or Oven

Freezing buttermilk cubes. What a great idea because I never use a whole carton! Heavy cream can also be frozen.

Once you open the brown sugar, toss a few marshmallows in to keep it soft.

Simple trick to buying perfectly ripe avocados

*Frozen Lemon Trick* Thoroughly wash the outside of a lemon and put it in the freezer. When you need some fresh lemon zest, take the frozen lemon and grate it.Put the lemon back in the freezer 'til needed again Easy and so convenient!

Kitchen Tip: Simply spray the cheese grater with cooking spray before grating! The "grease" makes the cheese glide easily across the grates with less effort.

If you have some leftover wine - Doesn't happen very often in my house LOL! But if you do - freeze it in ice cube trays for easy addition to soups and sauces for future recipes. Or - just suck on the cubes! LOL!