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remove a drawer and add a hinge to its face for a mini desk or buffet tray

You can upcycle an old t-shirt into a casual backpack. The simple drawstring closure will keep your cargo safe, and you’ll be surprised at how much this stretchy bag can carry!

Simple way to jazz up a plain canvas tote.

Fix up a leaning, unstable, not-so-well-made bookcase with a backing of wood from a pallet. Over the Big Moon shows you how with their tutorial.

Detoxing your kitchen and getting rid of your Teflon? Here are some ideas for their next life.

Reuse your panty hose with runs in them by filling them with potting soil and grass seed to make a green caterpillar.

Repurpose your glassware.

Have an old umbrella you're thinking of tossing? Here are some nifty upcycle ideas to convince you to keep it for a future project.