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Quilling - Birthday Cards - All Ages

2013년 6월 빅토리아 수업 : 네이버 블로그Cute as a button quilling!

2013년 6월 빅토리아 수업

Paper Quilled Kitty Cat Birthday Card on Green by QuillyNilly, $7.50

  • Dorothy West

    very pretty!

  • Helen Pierce

    Yes it is. Wish I knew who made it. Thanks for visiting my site!!

  • Helen Pierce

    Oh, I just now found out her name on Flickr AND the way to say it :-) Agnieszka (ag-nee-eshh-kuh) - She has some 657 photos of her crafts on her page, some of which are quilling, in case you're interested! All the best, Helen

  • Dorothy West

    Thanks, I am just starting quilling. It doesn't look like it's that hard to do and sure is beautiful.

  • Helen Pierce

    There is a lot that you can do, even as a new quiller! If you follow the instructions on my tutorial board, you will receive a lot of helpful lessons free of charge, many prepared by master quillers. I have been quilling since 2006 and am still learning more every day! I hope you enjoy quilling! Let me know if you post any of your work on your site. I'd love to see it!

Birthday card - by: Tatiana Gajdosova Quilled Creations

Personalised Birthday Invitation - by: Tatiana Gajdosova Quilled Creations

Peacock inspired - quilled birthday card - by: Designer Paper Crafts - FB - sphotos-b.xx.fbcd...

  • Helen Pierce

    Thanks for identifying yourself! The card is lovely. You did well with the feather in the upper right hand corner! It's a very nice representation of a peacock feather. The Y is very pretty, too! Congratulations! Do you have a blog that I can visit and advertise for you?

  • Helen Pierce

    Oh, also, I love your Designer Paper Crafts photo above with the couple kissing! It is so cute!

  • Helen Pierce

    Never mind about sending the URL for your blog. I've already found it, and have pinned your couple kissing under "hearts" on my Pinterest page! Thank you!

  • Designer Paper Crafts

    Thank you so much for appreciating ♡

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