Every book mentioned on the show

This is an attempt to catalog every book mentioned on the show. It will no doubt fail. But I will try.

Dan Barber's The Third Plate.

Dan Barber on what's missing in the farm-to-table equation

Travels with Casey....For Roaming and Reading, we took a cross-country trip with writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis and his moody Labrador, Casey, in a rented RV. The two traveled across 32 states and 13,000 miles in the country with the highest rate of dog ownership in the world.

Roaming and Reading: A cross-country trip with a moody labrador

Thirty-years-old and unsatisfied with their lives, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus decided to say goodbye to their corporate jobs and six-figure salaries. Together they wrote a bestselling book, "Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life," and pursued careers as public speakers, writing coaches and bloggers. Their blog, The Minimalists, now attracts an audience of more than two million annual readers.

Bucking consumerism, minimalists say they've got all they need

Jet Set by William Stadiem. There was a time when the term "air travel" didn't bring to mind snaking security lines, tiny packets of powdery pretzels and endless delays. Jet Set Courtesy of publisher It was the glory age of flight, writes bestselling author and Vanity Fair contributor William Stadiem.

The glory days of flight

So Long, See You Tomorrow by William Maxwell

All Grown Up? Three Books About The Mystery Of Coming Of Age

One of our Roundtable guests mentioned a play, not a book. "Master Class" about Maria Callas.

Google Doodle Honors Maria Callas, Opera Diva

The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living

Roaming and Reading in Australia: Kerri picked "The Light Between Oceans" by first-time novelist M.L. Stedman. The book is set on an island off the western coast of Australia after World War I and follows the life of a lighthouse-keeper and his wife when a long-desired child comes into their lives.

Roaming and Reading: Canberra, Australia

Joe Cinque's Consolation, A True Story of Death, Grief and the Law

Sam Tanenhaus said he thinks Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam's book "Grand New Party" taught him a lot about conservative reformers.

If you ask John Hope Bryant, the American Dream is far from dead. If given the right tools and inspiration, the poor can lift themselves into the middle class, he argues, and they can "save capitalism" as well. In his latest book, "How the Poor Can Save Capitalism," Bryant advocates for federally funded financial literacy education from kindergarten through college and Private sector tax breaks to create more business internships for young people.

John Hope Bryant on 'How the Poor Can Save Capitalism'
  • OperationBoxShapeUp

    How The Poor Can Save Capitalism by John Hope Bryant is a wonderful book and probably his BEST work. Check out C-Span2 today, (check your local listing) at 1:00pm for an iI trees ting conversation on solutions.

In his new book, "A Few Seconds of Radiant Filmstrip: A Memoir of Seventh Grade," novelist Kevin Brockmeier re-examines the worst year of his childhood

Novelist Kevin Brockmeier re-examines the horror of 7th grade

The Declaration of Independence is a document familiar to most Americans. But relatively few have read have read it from end to end. In her new book, scholar Danielle Allen invites the reader to take a deeper look at "Our Declaration," paying particular attention to the role of equality.

Set in Sin City and told from different points of view, We Are Called to Rise: A Novel by Laura McBride tells the story of four lives that unexpectedly come together.Out June 3

We Are Called to Rise

Watching Them Be, a great collection of essays by James Harvey. Bette Davis fans, John Wayne fans should read it.

WATCHING THEM BE by James Harvey

New Biographical Dictionary of Film by David Thomson

20 Books About Movies Every Film Lover Should Own

A story of the transcendent power of love in wartime, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena is a work of sweeping breadth, profound compassion, and lasting significance.

Stern Men, Elizabeth Gilbert

Stern Men: A Novel

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