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Did you know that 50 - 70% of the 500,000 children in the Foster Care system in America have parents who love them but have lost them due to poverty?! Help us unite foster children with their loving parents. FIGHT FOR FAMILY!

  • Cynthia Snyder

    Not true! Poverty alone is not a factor in placing children in foster care! Neglect, which can be caused by poverty (or other reasons) may send a child to FC. But how much money a family had does not determine whether or not a child will be removed from his/her home. Stop spreading lies!

  • Rachel Volkel

    This is a completely false statement. CPS and DCFS in every state are INTENT on keeping kids with families, we're in the "family preservation" movement, to the point of danger to the kids. Removal does not happen BECAUSE of poverty. Poverty often co-occurs with many issues of violence and neglect, but poverty is rarely, if EVER, the reason for removal. In-home services, welfare, and all sorts of state assistance gets put in place if poverty negatively affects children. Not removal from the home.

  • Rachel Volkel

    Please do more research and do not just throw out fake statistics. Poverty does not show as a presenting factor ANYWHERE in the US Department of Health and Human Services' statistics on children that have come into care.

  • Angie Wiltse

    I agree! As long as the child's basic needs are met...needs not wants, the child remains with the parents.

Giraffes catching the raindrops outside their house in the Taronga Zoo exhibit in Sydney, Australia. Photograph by Rick Stevens©

Australian shepherd puppy

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Because sometimes you have to just say "yes" to a photo of an adorable puppy.

I loved this article! These breeds are incredible.

  • Robyn Futcher

    Of course shelter dogs and Rescues are wonderful (I've got one), but I'm going to play devil's advocate and say that taking your time, doing your homework and getting the right dog for your lifestyle from a good breeder in the first place is absolutely okay and would keep a whole lot of dogs off the streets and out of shelters. I know--I'm involved in local and regional Rescue in Houston. Too rarely is the real cause of shelter surrenders and pet abandonment placed squarely where it really belongs: on irresponsible OWNERS. They're the ones who bought or took in a pet impulsively, and sadly they fail their pets in droves every single day.

  • Staci Lee

    In short, demand fuels supply. If we stop perpetuating dog mill ignorance, less "imperfect" dogs would be slaughtered and abandoned.

  • Chandra Marie Dragulin (Hall)

    I have PTSD and my little Yorkie/Pom/Chihuahua was just what the doctor ordered. Since he isn't a purebreed he is going to be healthy and have less genetic disorders than other dogs. His small size makes him portable and great for most spaces, he's got great energy which is wonderfully entertaining, yet his attachment to me lends itself to quiet times and napping too. He was quickly trained (potty and crate) and would probably be even better if I could have socialized him earlier. He is my best friend.

  • Love Gee

    Hate that you just had to be debbie downer,and list all the things that could go wrong ! Way to cheer us up!

  • Nancy Eichelberger

    As a 20-year veteran of companion animal rescue, I say we MUST talk about "what can go wrong" to avoid the thousands of "mistakes" that wind up abandoned. The general public does not know what they could be getting into - especially with "pocket pets/started pets" (like rabbits and hamsters) until they are educated. Only by outing the facts of living with any type of animal can we achieve a world where animals are honored and cared for as they have a right to be.

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