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Animals are definitely God's gift to this planet. If you're like me, then you'll 100% dig this board's content.

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  • Jodie Edmond

    I'm not going to argue with you. No point. Bison aka buffalo have been my fav animal since I was 12. I've read dozens of books on their history in the United States. Buffalo is simply an American slang term for Bison.

  • Jodie Edmond

    I think you have some control issues. Perhaps you may need to see a psychologist?

  • Jodie Edmond

    slang slaNG/ noun 1. a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people. "grass is slang for marijuana" synonyms: informal language, colloquialisms, patois, argot, cant, jargon

  • Jodie Edmond

    I just realized you had no idea what slang meant so I included the definition. Bison by the way is the true definition and scientific name. American buffalo is the term used for centuries and by the pioneers.

  • Brenna Ceallaigh

    I'm 57 years old, I know the difference. I even know what slang means. :O For someone who doesn't want to argue you sure kept it going. Now run along. I have a life to lead.

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A True But Short Story

White Lion

oh, hey!

nice pillow


Boots and pups

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Enjoy the little things.


#srslycute - Part 36

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Polar bears stand up on their hind legs to assess their surroundings.

Crowdmelt | We break the ice so you don't have to

my feets

Twitter / CuteEmergency: Lions are cute too! ...



Serendipity by Melina Souza

This design was inspired by vintage carnival illustrations & this week's campaign for Together We Rise. Each purchase helps fund duffel bags for foster kids so they won't have to transition between homes with their possessions stuffed in garbage bags.

Too Young For Baggage Flowy V Neck

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Butterfly Flowy Long Sleeve Tee


Community Post: Cute Puppies Sleeping

oh hi there!

Pin by Julie Sharp on Cat | Pinterest

"Galapagos Sea Lion" by Ink Light

Galapagos Sea Lion

hi there!

Haha look at that face!! "Are you serious?"

baby elephants at play..