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It's a proven scientific fact that laughter is healthy for the soul. So take a nice and healthy dose while while you're here. :)

  • Avinlea

    Oh the trickery of baby animals!

  • Pavel Magaril

    Hi, I want to become a contributor for your Funny board, please invite me!

Baby announcement idea!

I can't even stop laughing at this.

This wasn’t a good idea…
  • Bethany Mogensen

    The dog is fine and it probably had fun going outside and actually doing things. There's no need to comment if you're not going to say nice things.

  • Isabelle Szczecinski

    really? so we only need to say nice things.. not have an opinion. As a dog owner I can say that this dog is not enjoying itself just because it's outside 'doing things'. It infuriates me that people post comments like you have Bethany, really - grow up, only saying nice things is a very naive approach to life.

  • Bethany Mogensen

    Happy holidays to you too! :)

  • Jennifer Jurkovich Cowen

    This is hysterical!!

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yep. that's me.

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Freedom From Alarms
  • sherylrenee

    That would be TONIGHT!! Yaaaay!! :)

  • Kari Gaitan

    thats always great but then you end up getting up bc youre so used to getting up early all the sucks

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  • Alyson Markt

    Haha, so true.. Who knew I could get out of bed that fast?

  • Jennah Taglieri

    Haha, that use to be me. now i just look at the clock and lay there for another minute or two- i mean i am already late.

I second that! ;) love this site -> !

Words of Wisdom

This would be a #win for the parents! Innovative! ;) -> is the ish

When I become a parent I’m stealing this idea

I’m Not Even Mad, That’s Impressive ;) love my pups! And this site -> !

I’m Not Even Mad, That’s Impressive

Hahaha that's punny. is awesome!


This gave me a chuckle. hahaha is hilarious!

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Lol too cool to color inside the lines ;) is amazing!

Coloring Inside The Lines?!

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  • Katie Gerst

    Ah haha, this reminds me of my mom!

  • Judy Huff

    AH-HA-HA-HA! That's me! Do any of you know about books written backwards for dyslexics? I could use those. (Do you know how long it took to type this???)

LOL out of touch, much? Loving this site -> !

Husky Runs Onto Field During College Baseball Game

hahahah RIGHT?! brilliant ecards at !

Husky Runs Onto Field During College Baseball Game