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Love & Marriage

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Love & Marriage

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15 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Husband --- That time of year is rounding the calendar again, Christmas whoohoo!! And I bet many of you have no idea where to even start looking for gift ideas for your husband. Now, gift giving is not necessary during this season, but I also am aware that many take … Read More Here

What Cheerleaders And Wives Have In Common --- Whenever I see a sports game on television such as football, I also see the cheerleaders dance across the screen. There is a part of me that never understood the importance of cheerleaders. They appeared to be so happy, so healthy, so beautiful, which wer… Read More Here

  • Dee Tax

    Oh my God, sorry to say this, but this post makes me gush in disbelief. So, as a woman, you are likening wives to cheerleaders, who are not the strong ones, not the players, not the ones that are capable of doing the important work, but basically puppets... So, so, so sad. I am an MIT graduate and I would never see myself as a stupid cheerleader. I am the one that plays IN the game, not the one that is a side dish.

  • Dee Tax

    I realize that you did not write your piece with these thoughts but it saddens me so much that you don't realize this underlying submissive attitude and you will likely teach your daughters this, who will end up being just... wives...

  • Christine Steurer

    To the above ladies who commented..Nowhere in this post does the author negate the value of wives who are educated and work outside the home! In fact, those who CHOOSE to would/could be as much of a marriage team player. Both spouses have the responsibility to be loyal, supportive team players. You don't have to be a "stupid cheerleader" to consider yourself a "side dish" sad that you would put down another person's choice to want and pursue the attributes of a good team player.

A Positive Life Verse for Young Couples --- My husband and I started dating when we were 16-years-old. We were just two kids going into their junior year of high school, who didn’t really know anything about love or relationships. I remember pouring over blogs and books for teen girls, hoping… Read More Here

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Is There Hope For Reconciliation After Adultery? --- I recently received another testimony of a wife who found encouragement through Unveiled Wife while enduring a dark season in her marriage.  Her letter was very touching as she shared the pain she experienced from the threat of divorce, as well as a pra… Read More Here

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5 Ways To Cultivate Intimacy In Your Marriage! --- Intimacy is a vital part of marriage. It is through intimacy that a couple creates connection and a deep bond that far exceeds any other relationship one could have. It is important that we intentionally cultivate intimacy in [...]… Read More Here #marriage #love

Why Can’t I Spend My Money The Way I Want? ---     It’s your fault we are even in this mess.     The debt isn’t mine, it’s all yours. They’re your school loans.     What you spend on your debt, I should get to spend on what I want.     I really wish you didn’t bring this debt int… Read More Here

Wife After God – A 30 Day Marriage Devotional For Wives --- Devotional Trailer About Wife After God 30 Day Marriage Devotional I wrote this marriage devotional to walk you through an intense journey of experiencing God, specifically tailored to one of your most important ministry roles–being a wife! Here a… Get This Devotional Here

Why Marriage Can’t Be 50-50 And Has To Be 100-100 --- If a couple gets a divorce and neither of the parties had a prenuptial agreement then every asset that couples has is added up and then divided in half. I understand that it is often more complicated than this but the reason I am bringing this up is to di… Read More Here husbandrevolution... #marriage #love

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Be Your Husband’s Number One Fan --- Growing up, I always knew my mom was cheering me on in everything. She always said she was my number one fan and she definitely was. She was pretty much everyones number one fan. She always believed in [...]… Read More Here #marriage #love

10 Reasons I Love You – A Letter To My Husband --- My Dearest Love, My Best Friend, My Husband, I remember when we were dating I knew I loved you deeply. I could not hold it in my heart any longer. As I was getting out of your car, I leaned back in with courage overflowing and said three sweet words that … Read More Here

3 Ways to Have an Amazing Marriage After Babies

Many guys are scared of rejection. This episode will also help you: Get over the fear of rejection Decipher between good and bad rejections Understand hard and soft rejections

The Top Natural Remedies That Cure Acne, Scarring and Aging | She is MORE

Many guys are scared of rejection. This episode will also help you: Get over the fear of rejection Decipher between good and bad rejections Understand hard and soft rejections

Why Can’t We Move On? --- For the first three and a half years of our marriage, my husband and I could not experience intercourse. Pain radiated throughout my body every time we initiated or attempted sexual intimacy. I knew sex might be difficult to get use to in the beginning, s… Read More Here