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There's No Business Like Showbusiness

23 Pins

There's No Business Like Showbusiness

  • 23 Pins

Sweeney Todd

The realization that he may be stuck on stage for a while now

Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney

Robert Redford in Ralph Lauren. The Great Gatsby.

Too much goodness

Steve Martin ironing a kitten!

I feel like this on campus sometimes

Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke. I don't think anyone could ever live up to this pair.

Steve Martin. Forever old, always funny.

That Thing You Do. Over and over and over again.

Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor. You can't top this.

...Fifteen minutes...

Wuthering Heights. Because Pride and Prejudice is so overrated.

Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire. ~ Rita was Fred's fave dance partner, I have read...and can't you just see the joy they exude! "Dancing With the Stars" could class it up more like this.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!

Oklahoma is a seriously creepy musical, but people seem to only remember the singing cowboy...

Cogito: Four stars


Can't decide if you want to see a musical or a ballet? Go see Billy Elliot! This scene was breathtaking (not an adjective I pull out very often)

Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison recording the original "My Fair Lady" soundtrack. The way it should be!

  • Kristen Maddux

    Rex Harrison's performance is one of my favorites ever....ever. I've studied each movement. Love.

  • Dallace

    Aaaamen. Brilliant.

  • Melissa Tinker

    Bought this soundtrack off Amazon just last week. Awesome! I'm loving it!

A musical about Jews, daughters, and weddings. Need I say more?

All-time favorite of the classic musicals. (The Music Man, if the hat didn't give it away.) You don't even want to know how well I know this show.

Stephen Sondheim, Bernadette Peters, and Mandy Patinkin. Such immense admiration for each of them!