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California has passed an electric milestone: This week, a car buyer in the state bought the 100,000th plug-in vehicle sold here.

Californians' purchases of plug-in electric cars top 100,000

The 10 highest-dollar vehicles sold at Mecum's Dallas auction, including a $680K Corvette | Dallas Morning News

Cars to Watch, and Wish For, at the Monterey Auctions

An Original Dodge, Direct From the Founder’s Family -

V2V communications

GM will introduce hands-free, foot-free driving in 2017 Cadillac

Why Musk Is Building Batteries in the Desert When No One Is Buying - Bloomberg

FINAL UPDATE: Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Aug: All-Time Leaf High, Volt Best In 12 Months

Sales of electrified vehicles in the United States have slowed dramatically in the last year.

Electrified car sales stall as buyers back away from hybrids

The Big Mack tiny house

THE BIG MACK - Tiny Happy Homes

Gigadollars in tax breaks not enough lure new Tesla factoryl

Gigadollars in tax breaks not enough lure new Tesla factory

The Uber app being used in Berlin on Tuesday night. The company said Wednesday that it had seen triple-digit increases in new customers during the last 24 hours, including a 270 percent rise in Berlin.

A German court has slapped an injunction on the popular car pick-up service Uber, saying it lacks the needed legal permits.

Formula E, a global racing series for electric cars, has the look of Formula One, but none of the noisy engines.

BMW Showed Off Its Armored SUV By Attacking It With A Machine Gun - Business Insider