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Kitchen helpers

KettlePizza, customized, turns grill into a pie-making dream oven

How to hack your own pizza oven

10 Kitchen Gadgets Every Stoner Should Own | High Times

10 Kitchen Gadgets Every Stoner Should Own

5 Gadgets For Your Kitchen | D Home

5 Gadgets For Your Kitchen | D Home

Let’s Talk Trash by Laurie David. Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen produces the most waste. Food scraps are the number one contributor to landfills today, making up 21 percent of all landfill trash by weight. That doesn't even include food packaging. Yes, we need to recycle, but it's even more important to avoid creating waste in the first place. Here are some suggestions.

5 Golden Rules of Kitchen Organization

Fridge Without Using Electricity! Here's how it works: You take a smaller pot and put it inside a larger pot. Fill the space in between them with wet sand, and cover the top with a wet cloth. As the water evaporates from the sand, it pulls the heat out with it, cooling the inner pot. It's a natural, cheap, easy-to-make refrigerator. The invention keeps food from perishing for up to three weeks. ???

LibriVox - LibriVox provides free audiobooks from the public domain in mp3 format.

LibriVox | free public domain audiobooks

When buying fruit and veggies, always soak them in a 1:4 ratio of vinegar and water to help remove toxins and pesticides. Leave them soaking for up to an hour, longer with nonorganic apples. At the end of the bath, sometimes you can even see cloudy like stuff in the water from the skins and waxes, and dirt on the bottom. Works awesome! Once I did this to blackberries and they were good for 3 WEEKS! That's unheard of with berries & water. The vinegar is KEY :)