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Jumping from Storhorn to Lillehorn on the Svolværgeita pinnacle in Svolvær, Norway

White Shark

  • Elizabeth Ryan

    Holy crap - that's scary. Sharks terrify me the way nothing else can, i think it's the creepy, dead eyes ......... That gave me chills!

  • Karen Esenberg

    I am so with you Elizabeth. Nothing could get me to do that. Can't the little guys get in through that space?

rock climbing

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Wings, Pilz, Eiger, Switzerland

Wings, Pilz, Eiger, Switzerland

Absolutely INSANE!

An early ascent of Crocodile, Glen Coe © Grahame N, Jun 1979 Climbers: Gerry Handren & Jim Melrose

UKC Photos - An early ascent of Crocodile, Glen Coe

Wow. Just wow.

Millenium Force - Cedar Point; Sandusky, OH. 310 feet tall; 80 degree first drop; 93 mph top speed. This coaster broke world records as the world's first 'giga-coaster' when it opened in 2000.

No way. I don't look good in white

No way

Full extension undercut - Foto Oscar Jimenez


Frequent flyer: Matthias Giraud - Awesome base- jumping selfie!