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Found a method to keep ICE CREAM soft. It doesn't have to bend your spoon. As soft as when you first open it, everytime

Quick Fix for a Loose Zipper!!!

Removing labels from bottles

Dandelion on fire. Bucket list for this summer... It burns all different colors! :) holy cow so neatttt

How to fix a broken zipper in minutes. Where has this pin BEEN all my life?

Soak old paintbrushes in vinegar for 30 minutes. Good as new! I LOVE VINEGAR.

Here's how to mend holes in knits. I had no idea you should do it this way

27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible.need this so buying food isnt pointless...this is wonderful!

place a can under candle before filler - you'll use less filler AND the candle will sit straight!!

I wish I had known this - we thawed a lot of vegetables! Ketchup packets as icepacks. They are the perfect size for kid bumps and bruises and they stay soft so they can form to the body part.

Great For Evening Summer Parties/camping! Cut A Glow Stick Open, Pour It In Water! Diy Nightlight!

Add baking soda to the water when you hard boil eggs. It raises the pH of the water and makes them easier to peel by reducing the albumen's ability to stick to the shell. Nice tip!

Perfectly shredded chicken in 20 seconds using the KitchenAid!

Press and seal wrap instead of taping everything. smart- and other painting tips

How to lengthen clothes, add sleeves, etc. This whole blog is great.

Make your own lunchbox icepacks from dollar store sponges soaked in water and put in ziplock bag. When they thaw, the sponge absorbs the water. I completely forgot about this handy trick! -

Use an old glue cap and put it on a acrylic paint bottle to be able to write in color!

GOOD TO KNOW! Tick Removal: A nurse discovered a safe, easy way to remove ticks where they automatically withdraw themselves when you follow her simple instructions. "I had a pediatrician tell me what she believes is the best way to remove a tick. "Apply a glob of liquid soap to a cotton ball. Cover the tickwith the soap-soaked cotton ball and swab it for a few seconds (15-20); the tick will come out on its own and be stuck to the cotton ball when you lift it away. Please pass on.

When you are sick - rubber band an empty tissue box to a full one - use empty box for used tissues! This site has all sort of easy household tips!!

When painting something, use a few push pins in the back of the object to lift it off of the table. No more sticking to whatever its painted on!

97 Life Hacks to make your life easier!

use this sanitizer trick in your classroom for child-size squirts every time! Brilliant... I hope this really works

Amazing Uses For Ordinary Things – 18 Pics

Peeling An Orange, Like A Boss. Cut or pull the top and bottom circles from the orange/tangerine. Then slit between two sections and roll it out. MIND BLOWN.