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How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener (very interesting!) ...with links to other emergency how-tos...

no-electricity lightbulb

The contents of my ultralight fire starting kit.

How to Make Shelters in Survival Situations

Unlearn, Rewild Earth Skills, Ideas and Inspiration for the Future Primitive by Miles Olson

list of barter goods considered by experts in the survival preparedness world to be vital for a barter currency in a post-WTSHTF world. Remember, as valuable as goods are, skills will also be very valuable; learn to barber, make soap, about herbal medicine, etc.

Why you must include "Coconut Oil" in your survival kit....Use as part of your personal hygiene e.g brush your teeth with it, style your hair, use as chap stick, sun screen, lotion, lube your firearm in a pinch, oil your knife and of course cook with it. It has Lauric Acid which kills germs and bacteria and fungi.

Bug-Out Survival: Which Bug-Out Region Do You Live In? Make sure you are prepared for not just your own region, but also the region you are bugging out to.

Solar Water Heater & Pasteurizer Made From Everyday Recyclables

LifeStraw Emergency Water Filter

The Waterproof Socks - These are the fleece-lined waterproof socks used by the U.S. Military that keep feet dry and warm down to temperatures as low as -30º F.

Foods Lasting 30 Years or More....good site with great info about preserving food. Some supplies are listed too.

Peace of Preparedness - Powerpoint classes for every subject on emergency preparedness!

What to look for in a food storage can. (Hint: It's double enameled cans) - Part of a series of "Why some food storage products won't last."

This is the quickest and best way to start a fire in adverse conditions. Take a small square of foil, a cotton ball coated with Vaseline and fold the cotton/vaseline soaked ball into the foil in a small square. When you need to start a fire, cut an X in the packet, twist out a small amount of cotton into a wick and strike a spark to it. Lights first time, every time. It will last up to 10-15 minutes depending on how much vaseline you put in the cotton.

Homestead Survival: 21 Survival Items to Look for at Yard Sales, Thrift Stores and Garage Sales