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A."The Abyss" B."The Birds" E."The Empire Strikes Back" G.Godzilla H."The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" I."I,Robot" J."Judge Dredd" K."King Kong" L."The Last Starfighter"(?) O."The Omega Man"(?) P."Planet Of The Apes" R."Running Man" T."Tron" U."Universal Soldier" W."War Of The Worlds" X."X-Men(?) So I seem to be stuck on C,D,F,M,N,Q,S,V,Y.and Z.

Call anywhere for free even without internet | Geek Tech

River Songs' TARDIS Journal. Beautiful. You know, for having grown up centuries in the future, she has very old-fashioned handwriting.

Watch this: inside Jim Henson's animatronics shop | The Verge

AEMMA, a school of swordmanship in Canada. Great online library!

NASA Wavelength - Digital Library - NASA Wavelength is an online digital library filled with peer-reviewed STEM educational resources.

C3PO Schematic Poster by TheDailyRobot on Etsy, $15.00

The JAPANESE FINGER PIANO ($39.99) slips easily onto the wrist and fingers, and operates with 3, LR44 batteries (not included).

New & fun: Facebook Emoticons in Comments – Cheat Sheet - AreImages

How to decipher old style handwriting.