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Maybe NOT so silently at times....

I hate it when I have to be nice to someone I really want to throw a brick at...

WOW! This is the sweetest thing ever.

Minature Forest Plant Kit For indoor Terrarium ---> (christmas?) Make your own mini Forset Scene this kit contains: Miniature manicured Juniper Bonsai style tree Nutrient rich soil Live moss Decorative Rocks and Bark for top layer Spray bottle for mysting your plants

$1.75/set of 2 - A pair of etched-glass coasters bursts with the beauty of a single calla lily stalk with two elegant blooms on this wedding party favor.

30 things my kids should know about me -- this list is awesome! 30 things to write about for 30 days.

omg.. seriously? Use an old VHS cover as a picture frame with hidden storage. pinterest, you never cease to amaze me...

A Father gives his daughter this ring for her 16th birthday (when dating is officially allowed) to wear on her left ring finger--to remind her that she will always be HIS little Princess first-- and to remind her to only date boys who will treat her like a Queen--the way her Heavenly Father sees her!! LOVE THIS! 👑💍💞

A volcano in a mug. Neat idea to show kids how they work. Much more accurate than the old baking soda/vinegar idea.