If you're in to mystery...

My perfect date

Ballet for Dummies!

Not the most elegant from Strictly Come Dancing

Ballet Pigs now grace our new look web site.

When you live in Dorset shorts are always required :)

That moment when you realise you are not the "ballerina" type! :)

Such a small World!

Hundreds of dead pointe shoes at the Dutch National Ballet. Image taken from a kinda disturbing film that shows pointe shoes being made by Freed and then 'unmade' by dancer Yumiko Takeshima. For those of us who love our pointe shoes it's really rather sad!

If you ever feel like giving up just remember there's a little girl watching who wants to be just like you. Don't disappoint her.

After a good gym workout there is nothing quite like a nice cup of tea!

Wow! She totally lost her head. Looks like she kicked it off with her back foot.

I have no idea what I'm doing! I'm a horse not a mechanic!

I love this artwork from Big Brother 2010 - it's freaky!

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