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Healthcare Infographics

roman jones: Dr. Carmella's Guide to Understanding the Introverted

How To Understand An Introvert, In One Chart


One of my problems with the way businesses (healthcare and other) have come to use social media platforms is that they treat them as if they are mass marketing vehicles. Wrong. These are powerful n...

Don't Always Believe the Experts

The State of Readmissions: Hospital Readmissions by State

4 Pillars of Transitional Care - Lowering Readmission Costs

Many Hats of Community Manager Infographic

Healthy Community Survey Infographic

10 Companies That Are Transforming Healthcare

Infographic: 10 Companies Transforming Healthcare

Women Heart Disease Infographic

Women and Heart Health Infographic

Is Your Hospital's Online Engagement Strategy Missing the Mark?

Infographic: Affordable Care Act & Women's Health

Institute of Medicine Infographic: The Possibilities for Health Care

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Women and Heart Disease: The Communication Gap

3 Keys to Marketing Health Care Online

3 Keys to Marketing Health Care Online - Fluency Media


Infographic: The Science of Whooping Cough « The Healthcare Marketer

Jennings Healthcare Marketing Awards Infographic

Blogging is like sex. Little painful at first. But you get used to it, and then you even start to enjoy it. Most fascinating piece of information provided in the Infographic (made by GenYMedium) is the number of blogs on the Interwebs. Also, there's some great info on the frequency with which readers consume blog content, as well as traffic stats (which to companies = lead generation potential) for companies who blog vs. the ones that dont.

Infographic: Over-Medicated America

Infographic: The Doctor's Tech Toolbox

Infographic: Rise of the Digital Doctor

Infographic: How Technology Changed the Medical Industry