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Music Listening WorldWide

Yep, These Are The WorldWide Songs I Use to Listen Often - Hope These 'll Become Yours Too!

Ariana Grande's mod dance party, "Problem," took home best pop video at the 2014 video awards! Shouts to Iggy Azalea!

Problem - Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea

No question about this one. Dancer Maddie Ziegler and the incredible moves in "Chandelier" won Sia's video the Best Choreography award!

Chandelier (Official Video) - Sia

#VevoLIFT alum Lorde takes home Best Rock Video with one of our favorites, "Royals."

Royals (US Version) - Lorde

Check out the #Vevo #musicvideo for Halo by Beyoncé

Halo - Beyoncé - Vevo

Check out the #Vevo #musicvideo for If I Were A Boy by Beyoncé

If I Were A Boy - Beyoncé

Bande à part (1964) - Dance scene [HD]

White lips, pale face Breathing in snowflakes Burnt lungs, sour taste Light's gone, day's end Struggling to pay rent Long nights, strange men And they say She's in the Class A Team Stuck in her daydream Been this way since 18 But lately her face seems Slowly sinking, wasting Crumbling like pastries And they scream The worst things in life come free to us Cos we're just under the upperhand And go mad for a couple of grams

Give me love, like her Cos lately I’ve been waking up alone The pain splatter tear drops on my shirt I told you I’d let them go And that I find my corner Maybe tonight I’ll call you After my blood, turns into alcohol No, I just wanna hold you Give a little time to me We’ll burn this out We’ll play hide and seek To turn this around And all I want is the taste That your lips allow My my my my give me love (x4)