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The Week In Pictures: 9.19.14 | Nubby Twiglet

Napping French Bulldog Casts a Batman Shadow.

My little King by Kathrin Köhler / 500px

case of the mondays

Jazz Hands

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What is this, cashmere? You have cashmere sheets? are you Russel Simmons? Are you ... Bill Gates? Sorry, couldn't think of a rich person for a second there. God that's soft. It's like rubbing a cloud's belly.

"Oh, shut up. We're never getting our security deposit back anyway. We've pasted every page from 'Catcher in the Rye' to the living room walls. We're art students, and I refuse to live an apartment that looks like a suite at the Courtyard Marriott."

"Stacy! How are you, girlfriend? Sorry I haven't called. I've been 'busy'. Wink, wink. Have you met Mark? This is Mark. He's my main squeeze, and he feels like paving stones covered in suede. Say hi, Mark! We've been going out for like... two months. I think he's the one. I bought him on Etsy when I was shopping for some throw pillows."