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Ferocious Animals

727 Pins

Ferocious Animals

  • 727 Pins

Siam Cat, Siamese Kittens, Pets, Blue Eye, Adorable, Siamese Cat, Kitty, Persian Cat, Animal

  • Patricia Miller

    I had one just like him...its a ragdoll....they are the most amazing personalities cats. I had a male...hes was the most loveable cat..the coyotes got him last year...sooo sad

  • Patricia Miller

    it is called a ragdoll...most amazing cats very loveable.. I had one ..the coyotes got him last yr..soo sad

  • Nancy Connors

    So sorry Patricia! My cat doesn't like to be cuddled. ;-( I want to love on her so much. Oh well..

  • Patricia Miller

    nancy I have found that my females aren't cuddlers..but my males are opposite...I currently have a male in the house...and its on his terms...more so than not...

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Yellow Lab

Prairy dog kisses

*heavy breathing*

Me and My Sneakers

Dog that is definitely not teaching this baby to jump.

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Adorable French Bulldog

Makes me smiles

Puppies, Dogs, Fish, Koi Ponds, A Kisses, Animal Friends, New Friends, Golden Retriever




Nap Time, English Bulldogs, Pets, Sleepy Puppy, Puppies Sleep, Dogs Tires, Naps Time, Naptime, Animal

Animal Lovers, Logs, Comfy Pugs, Dashboard, Blog, Accountable, Start Post, Baby Puppies, Baby Pugs


Kids Plays, Friends, Barns Life, A Kisses, Farms Animal, Country Lifestyle, Farms Life, Baby Goats, Happy Things


The Week In Pictures: 9.19.14 | Nubby Twiglet

Napping French Bulldog Casts a Batman Shadow.

Beautiful Cat, Kathrine Köhler, Orange Cat, Tabby Cat, Autumn, Tulip Night, Yellow Cat, Feline Friends, Animal

My little King by Kathrin Köhler / 500px

Kirill Sokolov, Cute Puppies, Dachshund Dog, Wirehaired Dachshund Puppy, Adorable, Dachshund Parade, Cute Dogs, Puppy Eyes, Animal

Farm Dog

case of the mondays

Party Pooper

Jazz Hands

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