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Ombre Nails Illustration: How to -

Illustration: How to -

DUMBLEDORE!! (10 points to you if you started singing :) and for those that havet seen it you can youtube Harry Potter and the Mysterious Ticking sound

Such good timing - I'm ready to cut my hair and totally crushing this style - How to get Elizabeth's cut from Delightfully Tacky

Short, curly hair. If I could wake up to this hair style every day with no work required, I'd cut my hair tomorrow.

If my hair could look like this everyday without me having to work super hard to do it. I'd totally have bangs again.

Creative and beautiful!

My needs are basic.

haha - Carolee Fashion Blog

Medium Length Wavy Curly Haircut S J P Design 524x667 Pixel

curly hair medium length cut/style....I seriously think this is gonna be my next cute & style!!!

Short and curly #hair. - on the shorter side, but like the movement

Short curly bob and makeup // LOVE this cut and color.

Braid and bun. Love it! You could do it more messy for a more casual look.

Might do this, I hate when wedding party wears flip flops, so not classy. Love that they are cushioned. super adorable in lace. comfortable shoes for a reception. plus they are $6