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Teaching CVC Words With Party Cups! This is the coolest idea for teaching CVC words!

Giant Word Family Glitter Dice Games - 8 giant glitter dice, 8 colored recording sheets, 8 b/w recording sheets - Fabulous for review, practice, or centers - Covers 48 word families $

This engaging activity is perfect for small groups or your literacy centers. Students will read CVC words and then fold up the paper to reveal a picture underneath to see if they’ve read the word correctly. Only $2!

Y is a Chameleon - Sometimes it says /y/, sometimes /I/, sometimes /e/ - word sort and recording sheet $

5 short vowel mini books These fun, easy to make mini books will help your students work on their sight words, decoding skills, and short vowel s...

Drop and Read game for practicing short vowels (drop a coin or other object onto the game board and read the word)

10 SUMMER Reading Board Games *Game 1-Scuba Diving Theme-Ch,Sh, ee, CCVC, CVCC, Silent E *Game 2-Ocean Theme- Long E-silent E, EE, EA, CVV, *Game 3...

Here is another 8 weeks of sight word work packet. This packet can be used in class as daily work or can be sent home for homework as a weekly pac...

Short & Long Vowels Unit-- with *40* centers & activities for all long and short vowels! Whole group lessons, mini books, word work centers, games & more! $

My kids use this first in the word working center. I use a variation of this game for morning meeting where I deal out one or two cards to each student. As cards are played different word analogies are modeled. Phonics Decoding Game Practices cvc, cvvc, cvcv, ccvc. Based on Common Core.

Systematic Phonics Word Sorts and Games. Research based engaging lessons for use all year long!

Highly entertaining Vowel Team song! Children will have a blast learning the sounds of vowel pairs ea, ai, oa, ay!

Phonics Photographic Workbook from Kim Mitzo Thompson on (43 pages) - This workbook not only teaches your students basic phonics, but uses real-life photographs to reinforce what is learned inside the classroom to animals and objects outside of the classroom.