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Otaku Forever!

If words such as Anime, Bishonen, Shoujo, Hentai, J-pop, or Manga mean anything to you, then this is a good board to hang around.

[][][] Koson Ohara 1877-1945 Praying mantis on a willow

Itō Jakuchū(伊藤若冲 Japanese, 1716-1800) White Plum Blossoms in Moonlight

c. late 1800s Japan: "Female Samurai"

They are real!! #YaY!!!

ùå Late 19th century Samurai photo. Full armor + Katana. This was the standard look of the samurai for most of their existence.

Japanese Samurai Warriors

Japanese Windows 8 and the rest of the world - Remember, it's always better in Japan

Kiyoo KAWAMURA (1852~1934), Japan

A true friend...

Sebastian is waaaay to epic to face-palm!

” If someone means any harm against the young master in this mansion. No matter who they are. These servants, will not have mercy on them. “

Sebastian describes Grell PERFECTLY!!!

Ginko ♥ - Mushishi

Mushishi - such an amazing series

Learning your life lessons from game controllers.

Is it wrong that I want to say this once in my life?