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How to make beer bottles into glass cups.

use a panty liner to block sweat/deodorant stains (for sweaters, etc.) WHY IS THIS NOT COMMON KNOWLEDGE

Refrigerator Wine Holder. Cool organizer for keeping wine in your fridge without it rolling around or taking up a lot of shelf space.

keep a bra from falling down WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS.

Copycat recipe for Starbucks passion tea lemonade way cheaper than going to starbucks every day

Pack your dirty shoes in a shower cap. | 13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart

13 Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Smart

Where has this been all my life?

Cooling pillow - I need one!!

Cooling pillow - I need one!!

19 Little Hacks That Will Make Parenting So Much Easier

how to get your instagram pics in polaroid form! cheap and free shipping

When the time comes to conceal a tattoo for a job interview or other important event. Use a red lipstick covering the outlines, pat on a light concealer, using a setting powder pat on your skin tone concealer, and clean up any mistakes using baby wipes to remove excess concealer. Use a fluffy brush and smooth it out with foundation powder. GOOD TO KNOW

When you get that back tattoo under the traditional bra strap. Backless Bra that's not adhesive--where have you been all my life. Maidenform. Genius!!!!!

Mind. Blown. Say good-bye to unsightly socks and footies that won’t stay in place. These sleek socks will keep your tootsies warm and comfortable but won’t show when you’re wearing heels or flats. $9.95

kitchen cheat sheet! Will have a copy of this in my kitchen!

Amazing ideas full of awesome

Very useful tips

Dog Collar - no jingling tags! Love this if we ever get another dog.

Whitening toothpaste will remove nail polish stains. | 28 Surprising Things That Really Work, According To Pinterest

Genius! Why didn't I see this in the fall! Use mitten clips to keep jeans in place when wearing boots! No more saggy knees! Very clever!

8 Extra Ordinary uses of deodorant. They forgot one.... Use a swipe of deodorant on your shaved bikini line and you will get rid of razor bumps! Lol! Betcha didn't know that!

cute way to write love without picking up your pen- good idea for a scrapbook page