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Not-so-Chic Geek

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Not-so-Chic Geek

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Nightvale things

Dumb Sharks

DRAGON AGE™: INQUISITION Gameplay Trailer - The Inquisitor (It looks sooooo goooood!!!!)

Welcome to Night Vale

All Hail the Glow Cloud

Before The Dawn

Henry VIII gets it.

Pacific Rim

I love how Robin's back there like "yeah, you guys high-five! It's totally cool that I wasn't invited or whatever. I don't even care that I don't get to be part of that super high-five that's happening."

Things I would do if I were ever to be put in charge of anything.

How I feel when I finish a carton of ice cream.

movie-tv-11 : theBERRY

Ultimate Fandoms, Fandoms Post, Book, Hunger Games, Les Mis Fandoms, Harry Potter, Favorite Quotes, Samwise Gamgee, Best Quotes

Things I didn't know I needed: A Doctor Who/Office crossover.

Just finished Merlin...I am not okay with this. Not okay at all.

Green Lantern vs. A Toad - The 6 Most WTF Special Edition Comics Ever Released

Robin has problems.

Flying type makes the opposite of sense sometimes.

"Every rebellion begins with a spark..."

Pokémon Travel posters

Welcome to Night Vale. This is...oddly comforting.

Welcome to Night Vale

Night Vale Announcements

The sociology major in me just cringes...