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Its really sad because ill be 18 this month but its true...i've never been on a date

Personal photo pillows create the perfect place to cozy up. Add a favorite face or your own colorful design to match any room. Check out the variety of sizes and make your own now.

I just sat and watched this for like 5 minutes

I'm happy, but sad. I want to die, but I don't. I love you, but I hate you. I'm tired, but I'm not. I'm fine, but not really.

A veterinarian was jogging one day when he stumbled upon this tiny freshly hatched songbird that had fallen out of its nest. Unable to locate the nest so he could return the baby bird to it, he decided to take it home and hand raise it himself. Here is the amazingly beautiful story...

I love everything about this. The male form, the gender-bending wardrobe, the Converse sneakers, the ballet pose. Absolutely gorgeous.

My Harry potter tattoo! Snape tattoo. Always tattoo. ♥

I have this dress and I've only ever worn it once This strapless fog foil dress has a split front with beading at the bust. It softly drapes over the body and creates a flattering silhouette. This unique fabric has a shimmer to it,

Pin now, save for later. Plenty of inspiration for imaginative playtime fun, learning opportunities about various plants, and fresh herbs for tasty recipes!

Toddler Idea: Coloring Eggs with a Whisk.. So smart wish I thought of this!

Frozen Smoothie Packs Great idea for fast and convenient smoothies throughout the week! Cost efficient too!

Clever Classroom Here's a great classroom or home project. Recycle the bottoms of soft drink/soda bottles. For good results line the bottom with pebbles or small rocks, fill about 3/4 with peat moss, top soil, or potting mix, and add fast growing, hardy seeds such as grass, bean, or herb. Keep moist and set in well-lit space.

DIY : How to make a Skateboard Swing

It's always good to have at least 1 pair of nude color flat - in your skin shade - so you can pair with lots of outfit.

Fashion Tips - Neckline and Necklaces... when I am skinny, I want to feel pretty every day

How to give a no-cry swaddled bath just like they do in the NICU- wish I had known this existed.

kid house from pallets9 531x800 DIY: Pallet kid house project in pallet bedroom ideas with Pallets Kids House

Do you ever run into the problem of missing a glove?? Here’s what you do…make a little stuffed animal out of it! Would YOU try this??