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Bacon Syrup - because life is already full of horror.

Bacon Syrup | Product | Torani

"I'd never eat that. Wait ... they're in their own juice?!?!! Well bring me to the table!"

Bologna cake with aerosol cheese.

  • Adam Smelser

    I just sneezed, gagged, blinked, and gave birth to entire litter of puppies, all at the same exact instant

  • Dan Bunting

    Yes, but did anything weird happen?

Look and feel Canadian - INSTANTLY.

MASHED POTATOES for at Thanksgiving. Why MAKE them? Just get a bucket from 7-11 instead.

Woven Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Bear Cup - Check it out!

Turn stomachs with the turn of a crank!

"Yet dawn is ever the hope of men," said Aragorn. "But these creatures of Isengard . . . " said Gamling.

"Healthy"* Fried Twinkies. (*not healthy at all)

Temporarily Disabled

Have your brother serve you coffee!