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Christmas art lessons

Apex Elementary Art: 3rd Grade Carolers

Seen versions of the Christmas Caroler project all over Pinterest. Going to try it with first graders very soon!

great for teaching tints and shades...cubism too

Christmas Tree

Reindeer Stable- Lots of Fantastic Doors!!

Elf Art - watercolor painting for the torso, scraps of construction paper for other body parts, cut up old Christmas cards for presents, sharpie and oil pastel for details.

Kindergartners used sponges and white tempera to stipple a small, medium and large circle for their snow person. After watching "The Snowman" we used black marker to outline and illustrate our snow people. Each student chose their own unique hat to draw and had to have something in their snowperson's hand. We used construction paper crayons to add color to our snow people. Be sure to compliment your favorite artist!

1st grade Poinsettias | Dali's Moustache