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The Happiness Project Journal, My Love - The one sentence journal that will change your life.

Beautiful skirt. upcycled jeans as yoke. Shop description To make this

buy a sweater at the thrift, cut off sleeves, and stitch to regular socks...i want to do this! (Leigh adds...I will try this without any sewing. Just cut the sleeve and wear...we will see...)

Lace Boot Socks- can't really be that easy can it?!

DIY Pillows-Easiest & Best Bang For the Bucks{Perfect for the Holidays} City Farmhouse Feature

ao with ♥ / the not so easy flower crochet stitch, made easy in a few pictures!

Good to know - Lowe’s has 3-inch “multi-purpose foam pads” that are usually used as foam beds for camping: $19 dollars each. Way cheaper than foam at the craft store!

Recycling : Make a Square circle skirt

Easy Screenprinting with an embroidery hoop, contact paper, credit card "squeegee" and paint.