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Supernatural II

[This Board is now closed, lovelies! I have a third SPN Board, "Supernatural III". You can follow me there, now. :D]

REMINDER!: I haven't done this in a while, but here's another reminder that this SPN board is closed and that any new pins are going to my newest board, "Supernatural III". Either way: here is my favorite picture of Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles right now because it's perfect.

Hey lovelies, now that Stripper Dean Gif here likely has your attention, just a reminder that Supernatural II is a closed board and any new pins are now going to "Supernatural III". :)

Just another reminder that Supernatural II is a closed board. I'm still pinning/spamming away on my new board, "Supernatural III". So, if you're wondering what happened to all of the pins: they're there. Oh, and enjoy this gif of Jensen Ackles chewing gum. With his mouth open. ♥

  • Alison

    You know how to keep us coming back for more. ♥

ANOTHER REMINDER: Supernatural II is now a closed board. BUT, I've started another one, Supernatural III (original, I know. :P). Lots of TorCon and Purgatory Dean on there right now. Oh, and of course: more DallasCon like the total, life-ruining crap that's in this picture. ♥

  • Liz Steenbeeke

    Well Jensen does a lot of his own stunts. He laughs that his stunt double doesn't have much to do....

  • Tiara Peterson

    I think it's cool he does most of his stunts.

  • Liz Steenbeeke

    So it makes me wonder--is that always him being thrown against the wall??!

  • Tiara Peterson

    When you can see his face, yes. Like when Dean is being thrown against something and hits the ground, is he covers his face, its more than likely his double.

  • Liz Steenbeeke

    Tiara, I'm sure you're right.

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NOTICE: I have officially started a THIRD Supernatural Board! Over 2,000 pins on here and it seemed time to change. I am probably going to move some of the newer ones to this new board, just so I have some Purgatory Dean to mavel at as I keep pinning! So, if you want to keep following my pins? Follow the new board. :D

Fifty versions of this picture, too. Between this and PurgatoryDean I'm such a mess. :P #Supernatural

  • Nicole Hudspeth

    Ha ha when I first started to read the caption I immediately thought Fifty Shades of Grey!

  • Alisha Morris

    Bahaha! I actually was scrolling through my feed and saw it and I was like "omg, when did I ever say anything about Fifty Shades of Grey!?" :P

  • Nicole Hudspeth

    We know where our mind is when it comes to Jensen. ;-)

In the spirit of Suit Pants Saturday: bringing this one back. For reasons. #SupernaturalCast #JensenAckles #IsALifeRuiner

Team Free Will... and Cliff (who I actually consider a secret member of Team Free Will at this point). ♥ #SupernaturalCast #S8

♥ Baby face. ♥ #Supernatural

  • Bonnie Brown

    you don't have many boards, but you do have lots of Supernatural, so we can be pinteset buds. Okay?

♥ In love with all of these set pics. Have yet to figure out which episode it is. Will get back with that asap. #SupernaturalCast #JensenAckles


And an even happier Saturday. ♥ #SupernaturalCast #JensenAckles