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This woman's blog is outstanding! If you need organization...Pin now, look later. I saw this pin about 45 minute ago and have not stopped looking at her projects since

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The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: 31 DAYS TO AN ORGANIZED HOME.

Ribbon storage racks

50 Helpful Time-Tested Tips for the Kitchen ... i.e. "If you aren’t sure how fresh your eggs are, place them in about four inches of water. Eggs that stay on the bottom are fresh. If only one end tips up, the egg is less fresh and should be used soon. If it floats, it’s past the fresh stage." Who knew?

great tip for cleaning soap scum off of shower doors AND keeping buildup down ("Treat the doors with a product like Aquapel or Rain-X. These glass treatments form an invisible film on the glass to increase water repellency, causing water and soap to bead up and run off the glass.")

Epicurious app helps you cobble together meals from ingredients you have in your fridge. #free