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It's Flo..I love her


Different Strokes

Diff'rent Strokes Description | Retro Junk

Grizzly Adams & Ben ♥

Big manly beards : theCHIVE

BR 549

Windmill Cookies

Kitchen Daily: Recipes and Cooking Inspiration

Taking that little extra time in the morning to get the perfect peg on your jeans.

50 Things Only '80s Kids Can Understand

10 best tv shows adapted from books FUNNY DRAMATIC ACTOR WE JUST LOST! (HARRY MORGAN!!) DRAGNET AND MASH!!

The 10 All-Time Best TV Shows Adapted From Books

Mercurochrome--we called it monkey blood. My Daddy would swear to us that it didn't burn...haha, it burned bad and he and Mama would blow till it stopped burning. You had orange spots on your skin from it too. You did not run to the Doctor for every little thing.

Being a Kid in the Late 60s and Early 70s

Corelle Dinnerware....this was my first set of dishes after I graduated from high school and had my own place!

Shazam! Campy, preachy live action Filmation show for Saturday mornings in 1974; based on the Captain Marvel comics.

Shazam! / Shazam TV Show

Dressy Bessy Dapper Dan.

Siblings? Do you remember???

Ceramic Christmas Trees


Ed's Funny Pages: July 2011

1980s toys | 80s 90s toys games 17 Relive your glory days with a trip down memory ...

Relive your glory days with a trip down memory lane (35 Photos)

Rainbow hearts Old School Trapper Keeper. #1980s #80s

Spuds MacKenzie was a fictional dog character created for use in an advertising campaign marketing Bud Light beer in the late 1980s.

scratch and sniff stickers 1980s - Loved it when I got them on my school papers for good work.

1970s - Our dog used to get these out of my Mom's purse & suck all of the juice out of them.

Vintage_LipLickerTin_Watermelon (1970s) Reminds me of being a kid. I had a ton of them from "Santa"

Once New Vintage - Returning Soon


1980's Dairy Queen Dennis the Menace Ice Cream Wax Cups

1980's friendship pins!

Fourth Grade Nothing: Rockin' Early 1980s Accessories


1980's Wendy's Commercial

Eastland Boat Shoes with the mandatory Eastland Knot

Fourth Grade Nothing: Preppy Eastland Boat Shoes | Eastland Knot