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Controversial Hat With A Backstory. | Etsy Community Responds To "Firefly" Hat Crackdown

Last Monents Robot...comforts those dying alone during their final moments. Huh. Well I guess it beats some of my relatives...

Ikea dress...Assembled from the store bags... But where does the allan key go?

Northern Lights Green Alpaca Yarn Long Scarf by Nonoluna on Etsy, $60.00 I made the yarn...another artist did the design and the actual knitting. So cool to see a finished product that started with my sweet alpacas in the back yard.

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    Soft alpaca..the best Love this color..........

Excuses conservatives make when facts prove them wrong

VW unveils a new concept car at the Beijing Auto Show...Finally we get our flying cars (although they are actually hovering cars)

You know, a lot more people would start playing chess if they had this board...

In Scotland this antique firetruck is rented out as a tourist guestroom. (In Manhattan it would fetch 1500 a month : )

A sadistic designed was behind this glass floored bathroom - over a 15 story elevator shaft. Talk about scaring the crap out of you...

...and the Geek shall inherit the earth...: )

I know which one *I* find better looking...

Pigs can swim, and, off a small Bermuda island, will come right up to your boat.

Above, an F/A-18 Hornet breaks the sound barrier; the shock wave causes a drop in pressure. As a result water droplets condense and sometimes forms a cloud, as seen above. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

The smartest most insightful thing ever said by a Republican politician: