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Project 2996

In honor of the 11th Anniversary of September 11th, we thought that it would be great to celebrate the lives of the victims of September 11th via pictures and tibutes to their lives and the legacies that they have left behind. If you'd like to join our pinning efforts please leave a comment and we'll be glad to invite you. You can also contact us at the contact page on the Project 2996 website or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Albert Ogletree- 49, worked as a food service handler at Forte Food Service @ WTC. The tribute had a nice quote "I wonder what he looked like – and realize that it doesn’t matter, because somebody misses his smile every single day. I wonder if his voice sounded like my Dad’s – and realize that it doesn’t matter, because somebody misses his voice every single day." #911 #project2996

Albert Conde- 62, worked as an insurance underwriter at AGI was visting an insurance broker @ WTC. He was a husband and father. He was an avid golfer and a Roman Catholic. #911 #project2996

Alayne F. Gentul- 45, worked as the director of human resources at Fiduciary Trust @ WTC. She was maried for 23 years and the mother of two sons. After the planes hit, her sense of responsiblity for her co-workers took over and she left her office to check on the departments in higher floors rather than going down to the street. After clearing the floors she was responsible for she called her husband, saying she loved the kids and saying goodbye to her husband. #911 #project2996

Alan N. Palumbo- 42, worked as a broker at Canter Fitzgerarld @ WTC. A childhood friend said that he excelled at all the neighborhood games like basketball, stickball, pitching quarters, cards and so on. Losing his parents and a brother at a young age, he was survived by another brother and sister. #911 #project2996

Alan L. Wisniewski- 47, worked as associate director at Sandler O#Neil and Partners @ WTC. Due to a long communte time and long hours he didn't get to spend much time with his wife and three kids during the week, but weekends were devoted to his family. He was an avid Yankee and Notre Dame fan. You can read a nice tribute at: www.goodmorningas... #911 #project2996

Alan K. Jensen- 49, worked as Vice President at Fiduciary Trust @ WTC. He was a loving husband and father to two boys.Becasue he had plenty of time to escape back in the 1993 bombing fo the WTC, he and his boss made a plan to get everyone out after the first plane hit. There is a nice article about his wife and sons at: www.northjersey.c... #911 #project2996

Adam David Rand- 30, worked Fired Department of New York was @ WTC. He was very interested in children and yound adults. He was chief training officer for the volunteer fire department at his hometown of Bellmore, NY. He was adored by his 5 nieces and nephews and he loved spending time with them. #911 #project2996

Abraham Nethanel Ilowitz- 51, worked as a financial services representative at Metropolitan Life Insurance company @ WTC. I didn't find any good profiles on him and have seen that his remains were placed at the grave shown in this pin. We'd love to see a profile and more information on him. #911 #project2996

Abraham J. Zelmanowitz- 55, worked as a computer programer at Empire Blue Clorss and Blue Shield @ WTC. He was an Orthodox Jew, who had a chance to visit Israel. He could have fled the towers, saving his own life, but he stayed and waiting with his parapalegix friend, who couldn't get down the stairs by himself, making sure that his friend was saved. There is a nice profile about him at: #911 #project2996

Abigail Medina- 46, worked Marsh and Mclennan @ WTC. She was the 7th of 7 children, she was a loyal wife and loving mother. She volunteered a lot at her church and ministered to hundreds of disadvantatged innner-city kids. There is a descriptive profile on her at. #911 #project2996

Alan J. Lederman- 45, worked as a senior client specialist at Aon Corporation @ WTC. He called his family after the first plane hit to tell them that he was alright. He stayed behind to help two woment that were affraid to go. A few months earlier he climbed Mount Whitney (the highest mountain in the continental U.S.) #911 #project2996

Alan D. Feinberg- 48, firefighter with the New York Fire Department was @ WTC. He was a family man, maried for 23 years at the time of his death. His daughter wrote of him in a college application "It amazes me how someone can have such an unyielding desire to help others, even when there is a constant risk of the danger involved. Even when my father is not fighting fires, he is altruistic in other ways.." #911 #project2996

Alan Bondarenko- 53, worked at Washington Group International @ WTC. He was a father and husband. A coworker tried to talk him into taking the elevator with them, but he thought it would be safer to take the stairs. The coworker did make it out but Alan wasn't seen again after that. #911 #project2996

Adriana Legro- 32, worked as a broker with Carr Futres @ WTC. Every night after work she took care of her 92 year old grandmother. Her sister described her as "bon vivant2 and always the life of the party. In February 2001, she ran her first marathon. #911 #project2996

Adianes Oyola- 23, worked in Human Resources/Payroll at the Fuji Bank @ WTC. She and her husband were both working in the towers and met by a bank of elevators after the first plane hit, they heard a message that it was ok to return to work. Mr. Oyola told his crying wife that everything was going to be ok when he left for his office. He did make it out, I can oniy imagine how he must have felt! #911 #project2996

Adele Sessa- 36, worked as an international equities trader at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. She was quite a family person, helping in her sisters in the family flower shop, she spent Sunday evenings with her nieces, and she gaver her younger brother her car, even paying for his insurance while he was in school. #911 #project2996

Adam S. White- 26, worked as a broker at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. After graduating from the University of Colorado, he spent three months in Nepal, climbing some of the world's talled peaks. He pitched the idea of an electronic trading program in carbon dioxide to Cantor Fitzgerald while he was still working at Anderson Consulting, as subsidary called was even created as a resutl of his idea. #911 #project2996

Adam J. Lewis- 36, senior trader at Keefe, Bruyette, and Woods @ WTC. He was a father of four. His sister wrote a nice poem in his memory that is also displayed at the tribute this links to. #911 #project2996

Adam P. Arias- 37, was the vice president of operations at the Euro Brokers @ WTC. Adam did a lot to help his wife through several lymphoma-related surgeries, including gaving her a special gift to encourage her to battle on. After September 11th, Mrs Arias, had her 16th operation, although she didn't want to, she felt her husband had fought too hard to keep her alive. #911 #project2996

Abul K. Chowdhury- 30, worked at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. He married just months before September 11th. He had four sisters and a very close relationship to his brother who said, “We two brothers, we help the whole family. We two brothers are like two arms.” #911 #project2996

Abdu Malahi- 37, was an audio-visual engineer at the Marriot Hotel @ WTC. Donn Monroe credits Abdu with saving her life on that fateful day saying, "He escorted me to the stairways before continuing on to save other guests. He is constantly in my thoughts. He is my guardian angel. I love this man whom I only met once. It is still hard for me to comprehend his sacrifice for strangers. Abdu was a very special man, indeed." #911 #project2996

Abdoulaye Kone- 27, worked as a pastry chief at the Windows of the World @ WTC. He was married and the father of two. He went to cullinary school in France before immigrating to the U.S and pastry was a passion of his. He was orginaly from the Ivory Coast in Africa. #911 #project2996

Aaron Jacobs- 27, vice president on the international trading desk of Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. He once calmed a co-worker who was a bit distraught by getting down on one knee and singing "You've Lost That Loving Feeling", which cracked everyone up and broke the tension. He was thinking about going to Africa for his upcoming honeymoon. #911 #project2996

Aaron Horwitz- 24, was a bond broker at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. His colleage roomate said at his memorial sevice “It’s funny how God seems to take people when they are on top of their game and on top of the world, because that’s exactly where Aaron was. He truly lived an amazing life for a 24-year-old. He accomplished more in his time than most people do in a lifetime.” #911 #Project2996

A. Todd Rancke- 48, managing director at Sandler O'Neil and Partners @ WTC. Todd was married and the father of 3. There is a tribute for him at Phi Delta Theta where he was a member and he graduated from Duke. #911 # Project2996 ThePhi Delta Theta tribute can be found at: The is a Project 2996 tribute at: