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Project 2996

In honor of the 11th Anniversary of September 11th, we thought that it would be great to celebrate the lives of the victims of September 11th via pictures and tibutes to their lives and the legacies that they have left behind. If you'd like to join our pinning efforts please leave a comment and we'll be glad to invite you. You can also contact us at the contact page on the Project 2996 website or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Anthony P. Infante- 47, worked as a police inspector at the Port Authority of NY & NJ and was @ WTC. He became a cadet with the Newark Police Department when he was 18. He went to college and graduate school. He got back into shape to run in the New York City Marathon, after missing it for a few years. Getting back into his marathon shape was probably very useful as he was helping victims in the Trade Center. #911 #project2996

Anthony M. Ventura- 41, worked at Fiduciary Trust International @ WTC. I didn't find a lot of information on Anthony, searching his name brought a lot of returns about someone else with the same last name (won't say more about this). I'd love to learn more about Anthony. #911 #project2996

Anthony Starita- 35, was a partner at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. Anthony's wife said that he was very proud of his house and his family and that it was always a highlight of his day when he came home and he heard the kids screaming "Daddy's home". He started working part-time in the accounting department when he while he was in college and worked his way up to being a limited partner. #911 #project2996

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Anthony Luparello- 62, worked in the accounting department at ABN Industries @ WTC. You can tell from the profile that I read that he loved his wife. He called her daily during his lunch break and when the buses brought him home later than "normal" , he'd be upset because he felt it was his home time and he shouldn't be sitting around in a stupid bus. #911 #project2996

Anthony J. Fallone (Tony Doogie)- 39, worked as a bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. He was a husband and father of four kids. Ever wonder who writes those funny emails that make their way around everybodys's email inbox? Tony was one of those people responsible for spreading a great deal of humor. His wife said that "He could see the humor in anything. As one friend put it: He looked at life and got the joke." #911 #project2996

Anthony Edward Gallagher- 41, worked as an energy broker at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. Anthony was recently married, but while he didn't have the opportunity to start his own family yet, he had a 4 pm weekly conference call with a niece and nephews. He watched MTV to stay in the loop with his niece and nephews. #911 #project2996

Anthony DiOnisio Jr.- 38, worked was vice president of operations at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. Anthony was a divorced father and his daughter meant everything to him. He surprised her by taking her on a trip to Disney World after picking her up one the last day of school. Read the Project2996 profile at: #911 #project2996

Anthony Demas- 61, was a managing director at Aon Corp @ WTC. Anthony and his wife were expecting twin sons and it was his birthday, he asked his wife if she couldn't hold off another day, so that the twins could have a birthday to themselves, which ultimately happened. He was proud of his Greek heritage. I found some information at www.voicesofsepte.... #911 #project2996

Anthony Alvarado- 31, was a food service handler with Forte Food Service @ WTC. He mother said of him, that "My son is a good son, a good dad, a good grandson, a good brother, a good friend,"He had planned to interview for a security guard position, that would pay more and allow him to better support his son. #911 #project2996

AnnMarie Riccoboni- 58, worked as a billings supervisor at Ohrenstein and Brown @ WTC. September 11th was her birthday and her family tried to talk her out of going ot work that day, but she wouldn't because she really liked her job. She was a wife, mother, and grandmother. Although her grandchildren didn't get to know their grandmother, they do speak of her often. #911 #project2996

Annette Andrea Dataram- 25, worked in accounting at Windows on the World @ WTC. Annette and her family came from Guyana for a better life for their family. She had a passion for food, not anything served in a restaurant but what she cooked herself. She was engaged to be married in 2002.Some information from: #911 #project2996

Anne Rose Ransom 45, worked in the travel department of American Express @ WTC. A high school friend said that "She was a subtle adventuress". When her husband's talk of getting a sailboat manifested into an actual boat, she decided it was time to face her fears and she signed up for a sailing class for women. While it didn't make her a 'real' sailor, it did give her sea legs and demonstrates how she faced down her fears in life. #911 #project2996

Anne Marie Sallerin Ferreira 29, worked at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. I didn't find a Project2996 profile on her and very little other information. I'd love to learn more about the person behind the picture. #911 #project2996

Anne M. Cramer 47, worked as a tax specialist at Fiducary Trust International @ WTC. Imagine being childhood friends, starting your working lives together, then your lives taking different directions and losing track of your friend. A childhood friend of Anne talks about their friendship and how she felt after the attacks, not knowing if her friend was alive or not. The tribute is at: thecerebraloutpos... #911 #project2996

Anna Marjia DeBin 30, worked as an executive assistant at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. She was a wife and mother of a son. Her husband would build bird houses out of wood and she would decorate them. She was born in Elk, Poland and when her family emigrated, she didn't leave her love of nature behind. She enjoyed walks in the woods with her husband and young son. #911 #project2996

Anna A. Laverty 52, worked at Fiduciary Trust International @ WTC. She was very close to her only daughter and they would and could talk about anything. More than a decade after the attacks, the Medical Examiner announced Anna's body had been identified. She was the 1,634th person to be identified. #911 #project2996

Ann Nicole Nelson 30, worked as a bond broker in the agencies department of Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. I've seen at memorial site, that one of her dreams "Annie's House" (and adaptive ski facility that will provide hope for individuals with disabilities was to hold a groundbreaking ceremony on May 17, 2012. Sounds like a great dream. #911 #project2996

Ann McGovern 68, worked at the Aon Corp @ WTC. She was a wife, mother, and grandmother. She was fortunate enough to get to meet her grandson, who was born two months before September 11th. Her daughter Terry described her as “exuberant, happy and full of life” with a “keen sense of humor.” #911 #project2996

Ann M. McHugh 35, worked at Euro Brokers @ WTC. She was from Ireland and was engaged to be married in Florence, Italy on Thanksgiving weekend in 2001. Ann had apparently survived the 1993 attack. I read a report in an Irish paper about how she had problems as an asthmatic that she was terrified going down 80 flights of stairs during that 1993 attack. #911 #project2996

Anil T. Bharvaney 41, was Senior VP in Equities Trading at Instinet Corp @ WTC. Anil had shared a dream of someday helping young musicians to study their art. After his death, his wife established "The Anil Bharvaney Memorial Fund in Music Education, to help realize this dream of his. There is a Project2996 profile at: #911 #project2996

Anil Shivhari Umarkar 34, worked as a computer programer in the eSpeed division of Cantor Fitzgeraly @ WTC. The following is a description of how to spell his then 14 month old daughter as explained by his wife, Priti: "V for victory; o for ocean; m for Mickey; i for ice cream; k for kite and a for America." #911 #project2996

Angelo Amaranto 60, worked as a janitorial cleaner at ABM industries @ WTC. He worked at the 2 World Trade Center since it opened in 1973 and he loved those buildings. He was originally from Salemo, Italy and he fell in love with New York when he and his young bride first arrived. #911 #project2996

Angela Scheinberg 46, worked as a manager at Empire Blue Cross @ WTC. She was a wife, mother to one daughter and an adopted daughter. Her husband wrote, " the most solid foundation upon which our home found its bedrock...She had turned the house into a home. She showed me the beauty and the harmony behind uniting and striving toward a common purpose, which enriched every moment of my life." #911 #project2996

Angela Susan Perez 35, worked at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. She was a the mother of three. Shortly before graduation, her son wrote "it’s going to be tough to walk down that aisle without you in the crowd, but I know you’ll be watching me. You will always be in my heart." #911 #project2996

Angela Rosario 27, worked as an administrative assistant at Cantor Fitzgerald @ WTC. She was getting closer to fulfilling a longterm dream of buying her mother a house outside of the city, her mother found house brochures in her things after September 11th. An aunt described her as the life of the party, while one of her cousins said that since she had died it seemed like there was a missing link between the remaining 18 first cousins. #911 #project2996