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Proverbs Bible Study for Kids

"BURN UP, BURN ON" - Fire is described in the book of Proverbs as being a power that is never sated nor satisfied. Indeed, if one lets a fire run rampant, it will burn and burn until there is no fuel left for it to consume. This is how we are to be as children of God when it comes to the evil in this world. Read the full Bible Study at

I suppose an artist could study this Bruegel "Proverbs" painting without the annotations, just as a work of art. But it's cool that someone has gone to the trouble of adding many annotations of the proverbs illustrated.

Did this study with my son! Its great! I love Rebecca Ingram Powell!


A Proverb A Day: 31 day study through the book of Proverbs

A Proverb A Day: Day 1

Children's Bible Study: a breakdown of Proverbs explained. A good help to get started in a bible study w/ kids.

Children's Bible Study Home Page