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21 Pins

Lego minifigs build a VW bus!

Dalek advertisement by ~MadLittleClown

Battle of the Planets

Leading the category of 'Shows I Wish I Attended', here's a video of Michael Jackson, Prince & James Brown on stage together in 1983.

Bike chain ornament. Fun stuff.

Doctor Who companions... sorry Rose, you're not.

The Nunchaku Kata

Spouting off.

Rest in peace, Adam Yauch, Beastie Boy... thanks for the the decades of great tunes. (Artwork credit: www.danestorruste...)

  • Jim Darukhanavala

    "If you can feel what I'm feelin' then it's a musical masterpiece... Hear what I'm dealin' well then that's cool at least... What's runnin' through my mind comes through when I walk... True feelings are shown by the way that I talk... And it's the speed y'all... I emcee y'all... My name is MCA and I still do what I please......."

"Not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

  • Aaron Jones

    My son actually has a set of multi-ethnic crayola markers.

Rules of a GENTLEMAN


Olive Gal, Lego Toys, Kids Room, Art Prints, Framed Art, 1979, Toys Figures, Boys Room, Frames Art

Thriller dance step by step guide

Heart Attack

How to recycle your old PC

Binder Clips: A perfect unexpected use

If only error messages could be like this.

Social Media, Explained

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer made with all bike parts.

Cheeseburger wrapping paper! I wish I saw this before Christmas.