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Faster | Frank T. Zumbachs Mysterious World

Headline of the Day: “Internationally acclaimed barrister Amal Alamuddin marries an actor”

Psychedelic flight attendant catsuits designed by Emilio Pucci for Braniff International, 1966. (via The Museum of Flight)

f-featherbrain, atomic-flash: Psychedelic flight attendant...


1961... Rodent Mutation

Amorous Dietitian

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View-Master 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 1954

i laughed too much..

"...played that funky music till he died."

Australian troops at Mena Camp, Egypt, December 1914, looking towards the Pyramids. Many Australian units brought kangaroos and other Australian animals with them to Egypt, and some were given to the Cairo Zoological Gardens when the units went to Gallipoli.

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Gorilla Dances with Lady While Robot Claps

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Badge displaying three phalli bearing a crowned vulva in a procession (1375-1450), found in Brugge. Pilgrimage aptropaic (protective) badge to ward off the evil eye causing the plague. Many of this type of badge were found in the Schelde Estuary in the Netherlands, the riverbanks of the Seine, and the Thames in London. Dating from roughly 1350-1500.

Vampire hedgehog

Vampire hedgehog

Nude wedding in Dinosaur Theme Park, but of course

  • Max Taylor

    What on the world...!!+&@??? So glad this fad became extinct!:0

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Vaudeville “Cats” 1920s