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vw kubelwagen

1943 Volkswagen 166 SCHWIMMWAGEN - A military, amphibious vehicle based on the KdF Wagen (Kraft durch Freude) designed by Ferdinand Porsche, which in turn would later become the famous Volkswagen Beetle. This Schwimmwagen has a retractable screw at the rear. When used in water, it was coupled to a shaft connected to the rear-mounted engine. The exhaust was mounted high on the car so that water could not enter. A spade and paddles (!) were included as standard equipment.

The Totenkopf division was one of the "Germanic" divisions of the Waffen-SS. These included 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich, and 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking.

Vw schwimmwagen at tatton park

Funkwagen @ war and peace 2014

Rare WW II Era German “Kubelwagen” captured from Rommel’s Afrika Korp in Egypt 1941. It was this very Kubelwagen that was used by US Intelligence to develop Tech Manual E9-803. Fully documented and remarkably preserved!


VW Kubelwagen, German Army, World War 2, History, Jeep, 4X4

German Type 82 Kubelwagen, WWII reenactment by Lyle58, via Flickr

A dramatic picture of battle in a suburb of the German city of Bautzen. A German car Kubelvagen (Kubelwagen) came under fire on the village street. One passenger jumped out the car, but was shot in the street. The car then turned and ran across the street to the building. The remaining passenger was also killed - (can be seen lying on the right of the car). In the middle of the road is some big vehicle - a truck or a tank.

As the War gathered pace, the KdF-Wagen was put on hold and production changed to military vehicles. The 'Kubelwagen' used the tried and tested and very successful chassis and air-cooled engine developed for the peoples car. In 1942 the Kubelwagen was joined by the Schwimmwagen - a four wheel drive vehicle capable of driving on land and in water. By 1943 over 12,000 prisoners of war were working at the factory, which was by now mostly repairing aircraft.

The Tigers dwarf the Kubelwagen's at this rail station. Transportation track mounted.

Tiger I Information Center - Photo Gallery Page 6

Allied forces checking out a Kubelwagen

Airborne troops cross back over the Rhine in a captured German Kubelwagen car, March 1945., Hardy, Bert