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Photographic Innovations by CamStand ®

A collection of innovations and inventions for photography and videography by inventor Dave Malby

CamStand (R) Interviewer .. the professional desktop camera mounting system that stabilizes your video camera for quality results every time! Uses Depositions Interrogations Interviews Video Podcasting Users Attorneys Paralegals Employers Law Enforcement Agencies Government Agencies Video Dating Services Bloggers Podcasters

CamStand ® S Camera Stand / Copy Stand CamStand ®,

CellPhone to Tripod Adapter.

Introducing the new 2014 CamStand ® 4 HD with the new sliding horizontal arm and optional sliding horizontal post and lighting accessories.

Set up for photographing products. Green screen is used for the ability to select different back drops.

A telescopic prototype CamStand ® with the Spider ™ Cellphone adapter attached for use of photographing artwork.

CamStand ® HD III

CamScan Spider ™ - Cell Phone Scanner

CamScan Spider (tm) .. turns your cell phone into an "intelligent" scanner!

The new Tinker Toy .. You can now make about anything out of inexpensive electrical conduit.

Rosie on my Photography Table ..

Prototype Photographic Table

Cell Phone attached by the combination of Spider™ and CamClamp™ attached on the handle bars of a motorcycle.

Cell Phone attached by the combination of Spider™ and CamClamp™ attached horizontally on a rear view mirror ..

Cell Phone attached by the combination of Spider™ and CamClamp™ attached vertically on a rear view mirror ..

Droid Cell Phone attached by Spider™ attached to a tripod. Now you can have steady photographs and videos using your cell phone..

Spider™ used as a stand for a Droid Cell Phone. A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse turns this Cell Phone into a full computer.

Droid Cell Phone securely attached to Spider™ attached to CamClamp™ ... amazing combination .. amazing uses ..

The New Spider™ attached to CamClamp™ .. you can now attach any Cell Phone to this universal mount. The mount attaches to handle bars, pipes and rear view mirrors. Great for videos, surveillance and GPS on Bicycles, Motorcycles, ATV's and Automobiles.

Prototype of a mounting system for Tablets ... your new slate can now double as a desktop or a "Smart" Television ... I love this!!! use a Blue Tooth keyboard and say good bye to computer clutter!!

Clamp your camera to any pipe, motorcycle, bicycle, shopping carts! A must for all serious photographers SRP $24.95

I solved the problem of cell phones not having the 1/4' threads so they can be used on a tripod. Now you can "Finally" make professional photographic shots and videos that would have been impossible before.

The VCAM tm (Video Camera Auto Mount)