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Susan Wraight, Autumn Wind, 2006 European Boxwood

MELA ANDERBERG, vaseRörstrand ca 1900.

Charlotte Rhead Crown Ducal Vase: Shape #214

Amphoriskos (perfume bottle), late 1st century B.C.–early 1st century A.D.; Augustan or early Julio-Claudian Roman Banded agate In Hellenistic and Roman times, vessels made in semiprecious stone were much sought after as symbols of wealth and sophistication. They were used as diplomatic gifts or treasured as heirlooms, and many of them found their way into royal tombs or imperial collections, both during antiquity and later. Relatively few examples, however, have come down from antiquity; ...

Tom Turner, porcelain bottle, Copper red oxblood glaze with teadust and iron glazes.

Makuzu Kozan studio Ota, Japan Vase with design of cascading blossoms, 1900–1916 Carved and painted porcelain