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Kid's Math Talk: Kid's Math Talk Tools

Kid's Math Talk: Kid's Math Talk Tools

The Recess Queen -great for teaching recess expectations at the beginning of the year--- Book is read aloud with page turning signals! Enjoy!!!

Have a "book-nic" instead of a picnic at the end of the year! Serve foods that go along with certain Children's books.

Johnson and Johnson: A Children's Book Birthday Party

Teachers Are Terrific!: Great first day of school activity for setting classroom norms. I've seen this with what do you need from your teacher, but I like it with classmates as well.

She is a teacher and has so many ideas to help with classroom needs. Meeting Sensory Needs Use a hairband and it works too! Really helps student GRIP correctly!

Good Morning Song---what a cute way to start your day! :)

Don't just pin...WATCH. Within 30 seconds I had a new attention grabber and learned so many more teacher tricks...LOVE THIS!!! **This lady is amazing! I just watched all her youtube videos!**

Classroom volunteer gift - picture with a poem: We sometimes take for granted In the rush of all we do, And forget to say a special thanks To volunteers like you! So we send this card to tell you How much all you do means, Your gifts of time and of yourself Are special ones indeed.

Great tips for setting up procedures from "The First Six Weeks of School" by the Responsive Classroom folks.