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Aerial view of terraced rice fields in Yuanyang, China

this isn't happiness™ (Pattern recognition), Peteski

Plowed farmland landscape in the Northwestern United States

this isn't happiness™ (Pattern recognition), Peteski

Seaweed farms in Bali, Indonesia

this isn't happiness™ (Pattern recognition), Peteski

A very large vineyard area to the east of Cape Town, South Africa

this isn't happiness™ (Pattern recognition), Peteski

Near Stonehenge, archeologists have found the buried traces of a "super henge" more than 4,900 feet in circumference. The super henge is comprised of dozens of newly discovered features, including an array of up to more than 50 ten-foot pillars, some of which may still be deep underground. The surveyors also uncovered 17 ritual monuments, including "massive prehistoric pits" that may have been dug along astronomic lines.

Lasers Reveal Underground 'Super Henge'

island of bad art

this isn't happiness.

cloud shadows

this isn't happiness™ (Thousand mile long shadows), Peteski

Tribes, Bernhard Lang

this isn't happiness™ (Tribes, Bernhard Lang), Peteski

Lynn Lieberman's watercolor map takes you from Union Square Park to Madison Square Park, showing architectural highlights in Gramercy Park and Irving Place

karen margolis, 8 layers of maps + watercolor

A Bird's Eye View of Niagara Falls by George Catlin ca. 1827

7/21/2014 Nahalal Nahalal, Israel 32°41′24″N 35°11′48″E   Nahalal is a moshav in northern Israel. A moshav is a type of cooperative agricultural community that is composed of individual farms and is governed by an elected council. Founded in 1921, Nahalal is one of the oldest moshavim in Israel and its layout of concentric circles is the basis for the design of many moshavim established in Israel before it became a state in 1948.

River channels (aerial), Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Alaska

091540 | Frans Lanting Stock

16th century copy of an ancient Persian cosmological map

Delight+of+Hearts.jpg (image)

In VOGELVLUCHT over de tulpenvelden. birds eye view of tulip fields.Ellen Lodder Veurman.