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Elvis Jumpsuit Collection


ElvisMatters - uit eerbied en respect voor the King

This is the embroidered American Eagle jumpsuit from 1974.

This is the Pharoah jumpsuit & cape from 1973.

Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas. August, 1972.

This is the White Cossack Two Piece outfit from 1969.

Elvis Presley - beautiful hands


Elvis - Memphis, TN - 03-17-74

At the Los Angeles Forum. November 14, 1970.

Elvis {Red Burning Love Jumpsuit} 1972

Elvis - 5th JUNE 1976 Omni, ATLANTA - Elvis announced to his audiences on occasion that he had only been up a couple of hours when he came on stage. His face shows it here. We all look 'puffy' when we first get awake. Still beautiful to me.