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Sea Glass Crafts Ideas

Do you collect sea glass or beach glass? Wonder what to do with it? Here you'll find outstanding examples of what others have done to give you great ideas! Also, submit your photos of sea glass crafts to our Home Site -

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bathroom deco out of sea glass and broken plates and little mirrors and such!! I love sea glass something about the little tumbled unique pieces of glass.

Behind every disrespectful child, there are parents I want to smack upside the head for failing to show their children how to respect and treat adults and other people.'

Sea Glass Crafts | seashell crafts and sea glass crafts for beach theme ... | Florida Christmas!

Directions to make a sea glass bracelet. So pretty.

wire wrapping beach glass (quick & easy)

Sea Glass Mosaic Flower Pot: ~ sea glass project submitted by Mona in Maine Here is another fine project for you to try submitted by Mona from Maine. Flower pots are numerous

Sea Glass Concrete Driveway: ~ sea glass project submitted by David and Lin in Bow, Washington, USA Some friends, Dave and Mandy, have been collecting sea glass plus shards from

Love! Beach glass for animals designs. FINALLY something awesome to do with my beach glass!

Sea Glass Beach Glass Art in White Frame by LakeMichiganBaubles

Sea Glass and Tile End Table ~ sea glass craft submitted by Katie Olmstead in Seabrook Beach, New Hampshire, USA. Sea glass end table is something special: My 23 year old son... read more

Sea Glass Pumpkin Face: ~ sea glass craft submitted by Katie Olmstead in Seabrook Beach, New Hampshire  USA What to do with all those shades & hues of brown sea glass?

The Seaglass and Starfish Mirror combines white seashells, a variety of blue and green hand-selected pieces of sea glass, sand dollars, pearls, and white starfish and is shown in "Bright Mixed".

EXCELLENT GRAPHIC TUTORIAL- drilling sea glass...Perfect for if you want to make necklaces or earrings or something!

50+ Sea Glass Tutorials with Jewelry, home decor and more @savedbyloves

How to Drill Through Glass Infographic. a 4 step, easy illustrated guide to drilling through your favourite sea glass and beach glass finds! (Also applies to other small glass drilling projects such as fused glass mobiles and pendants for example)

Ruby Red Sea Glass and a Schlitz beer bottle from the 1950's. The source of most ruby red sea glass in some areas. Anchor Hocking discovered a way to use copper to turn glass a red hue instead of the traditional gold, making the cost of producing this glass much more commercially feasible.