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Pipe-cleaner Creations

Additional boards to check out for extraordinary felt and embroidery work... Wee Folk and Sue Spargo

Pipe Cleaner Squirrel: This fun-filled book makes good use of many household objects and common materials. Our pipe cleaner pals project teaches how to create monkeys, squirrels, chameleons, and tigers with colored pipe cleaners and a few dabs of glue.

Tiny Tiger - 50 Pipe Cleaner Animals for Kids,,

50+ Pipe Cleaner Animals for Kids - Hative

Pipecleaner Crafts for Kids : Arts and Crafts Activities with Pipe Cleaners & Chenille Stems for Children & Preschoolers

pipe cleaner balls as ornaments! DIY Valentine's Pipe Cleaner Ball

vintage Easter...chenille duck candy container

Lulu's Vintage Blog: Vintage Easter Candy Containers

Duck by pipe cleaner

A photo from @craftjam

DIY little silver christmas tree with pipe cleaners

Little silver Christmas Tree | Funkytime

Creative Breathing: Pipe Cleaner poodles

Creative Breathing: Pipe Cleaners