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magazine pages glued to wooden letters

From Mizzou to Missoula

I really really want this. Brooch Bouquet Chic Glam in Ivory and Blush with Linen by SolBijou, $375.00

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Wow I love this shine and color. Like the three band idea though not just the one..

that is such an amazing piece

Pearl & Lace Phone Case

Now here's a guy that 1.has a sense of humor, 2.Plans ahead, 3.Treasures his family 4. is involved in his family's lives......Closer to husband material than these young punk WANNa-Bees from Arlington. Oh Yes I DID!!!!!!!

1. brush hair to one side 2. place headband on top of hair 3. twist one strand of hair from underneath the headband and tuck it in(like in the overnight curly hair tutorial i did for the wedding edition) 4. keep doing this until it reaches the back. Do the same for another strand on the other side of your head. 5. When the two strands meet, twine them together from underneath the headband. 6. keep adding pieces

jewelry by maria tash

Why can't my closet be filled with clothes like this (/.\)