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My Projects for Sun Baked Treasures

These are some photos from my Facebook page

Headboard bench, finished for Memorial Day ❤️🇺🇸❤️

A little project we did for Mother's Day but, could be for anytime. Just painted clay pots. Used chalkboard paint to make a little area to write.

Textured Stencil with Wood Icing & Painted with Old Town Paints

Repurposed Mirror Frame - Sun Baked Treasures Blog

Finished Result, after alligator technic was removed

DIY Kitchen Island

DIY Kitchen Island - Sun Baked Treasures Blog

Dresser Rescue - Sun Baked Treasures Blog

My Vanity makeover with Old Town Paints, Pistachio

Repurposed wood burners into a porch coffee table & a planter.

My wreaths & window boxes for Christmas:)

My snowman I built from scrap wood:)

Angels I made from coffee filters

Another coffee filter angel I made today:)

Dresser I repurposed into a bathroom storage cabinet. It had a broken drawer so, we built a shelf in its place.

Door decoration I made from Pampas Grass, Crape Myrtle berries, sticks & a few ornaments, for Fall

Farmhouse table..I stained & white washed. Am debating a wax or poly finish

Feeling a lil festive today & painted these 2 chairs

Sun Baked Treasures

Spicy mustard piece...done

Our Ross moss hill has gone wild & I love it!! NO way is it getting pruned lol! The plastic barrel has faded but, I think it adds a nice touch ☺

Our old sun baked bike, with Mailbox Mandevilla, growing on it ☺

A lil desk I salvaged :)

  • Darla Cummins Dona

    This is precious! This would be perfect as a writing center in my classroom. Maybe we could find me one this summer and work on making one of these for my classroom. Sounds like a good weekend project and I could come and stay with you guys. MAYBE?????

  • Dawn ~ Sun Baked Treasures

    I JUST seen this comment!! That would be fantastic!! I'm getting ready to do one now but, it belongs to someone. I think kids would have so much fun on this. Shane, my son, says NO chalk in his house but, Nana says Xan is getting one lol 😊